Grand Lodge Resources

GROV Initiative (Fillable PDF): Download

Request for Legal Services (PDF): Download

Annual Election Report (PDF): Download

Application to Discontinue Burial Benefit (PDF): Download

Bylaws (PDF): Download

District Deputy Lodge Visitation Report (PDF): Download

Endowment Burial Claims (PDF): Download

Endowment Dues Exemption Application (PDF): Download

Endowment Enrollment Discontinue Application (PDF): Download

Lodge Closing Authorization (PDF): Download

Lodge Meeting Information (PDF): Download

Lodge Merger Authorization (PDF): Download

Notice to Pay Monthly Dues (PDF): Download

Notice to Show Cause (Non-Payment of Dues) (PDF): Download

Past Master’s Certification (PDF): Download

The Lion’s Paw Application (PDF): Download

Notice of Suspension (Non-Payment of Dues) (PDF): Download

Request For Dispensation (PDF): Download

Lodge Petition (PDF): Download
(print off on front and back)

Lodge Reinstatement (PDF): Download

Membership Activity Report (PDF): Download

Scholarship Application (PDF): Download

Grand Lodge Regalia Guide (PDF): Download

Anti-Hazing Policy (PDF): Download

Souvenir Journal Letter (PDF): Download

Souvenir Journal Patron Solicitation Letter (PDF): Download

Souvenir Journal Ad Form (PDF): Download