Requirements to Join Freemasonry

Membership in a Masonic Lodge is open to all men 18 years of age or older— regardless of race, color or religion.

Further requirements are:

  • Be freeborn (Not born a slave or indentured servant)
  • Be of good repute and well recommended (By Brother Masons)
  • Have a belief in a Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul (We encourage you to be steadfast in the faith of your choice.)

Also, Masonry considers that your religious and family obligations come FIRST, so you must be sure that:

  • You have the time to participate
  • You can afford the initiation fees and the annual dues without hardship to yourself or your family

You should be coming to Masonry “of your own free will and accord”, to learn to improve yourself and to enjoy the company of other good people, not because someone keeps soliciting you to join or because you think it will help you “get ahead”.

The object of our fraternity is to make good men better. Masonry offers to its members:

  • Worldwide brotherhood
  • Male bonding
  • Camaraderie with other moral men
  • Fellowship
  • Meaningful community service
  • Much more

How to Join

To begin the process of possibly joining a Masonic Lodge all one has to do is ask a Mason.